I'm all for the inbetween moments, the kisses, hugs, hand holding + sunggles

elopements + engagements + adventure sessions

Based in
Eastern North carolina + I prefer to travel


Sounds like my kind of jam, let's talk!

A lil' more about your future bestieee!

 i am a southern california native, currently residing in North Carolina because I go wherever my husbands job takes us haha!

God is ALWAYS first in my life <3

i am always down to travel anywhere in the world to capture your most important moments (i'll get my passport & suitcase ready to go!). 

san holo + jai wolf are my fav music artist, espresso from local coffee shops are my jam. i love pizza + have a tattoo to prove it xo.
this all started when my son was born, i constantly took pictures of him, i look back now + i am so glad i did, going to be honest here it was just on my iphone but ya girl didn't know any better at the time!

now that i have two kiddos, it is extremely important that i get those memories documented + from there i want to help others get their stories documented because they will truly last a lifetime and future generations will be so grateful to have those memories as well.

i am here to be your photographer, friend + guide, i want to help you get out of the non-traditional path of weddings + avoid the huge wedding production, where you can't even remember half your day because it gets so hectic with the 100+ people!

i can't wait to hear from you!

i believe in memories and moments and all the tiny memorable things that happen in between. dance too long, smile too much, and have more than a few care-free, adventurous stories. 

the couples i meet become my best friends trusting me + letting me become apart of their life + because i know trust is earned, and i work like hell to earn it. 

most of all, i honestly, furiously love capturing the deep, intimate connections between two beautiful souls. no script, prompt, or poses could ever recreate that.

so, let's get together for chicken sandwiches and smirnoff ice to plan out your perfect day!

Love is such an amazing thing, even in the middle chaos you can always count on love

So, who am I + why do I do this?

When we hang out + create memories together I want to establish a safe space for you two where you don’t have to be afraid to show your true love for each other + I want you to be comfortable, content, feel loved + most importantly emotionally safe. I admire the one on one time with my couples + I live for deep connections.♡

I’m obsessed with recycling. So if you do too, let's recycle together + help our planet one recycle bin at a time.♻️

I could literally eat pizza for the rest of my life + nothing else. I love it so much I got a tattoo to prove it🍕

 I grew up in the desert 🌵 (shout out palm sprinkles)

I'm ready to book my elopement!

Roadtrip the U.S. + visit as many National Parks as possible

No. 1

No. 2

See Jai Wolf play in concert

No. 3

Go to the Galapagos Islands

No. 4

Go to British Columbia, Canada

No. 5

Go on a safari tour in Africa

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